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At Cotswold Water Park Hire we use the latest equipment hand chosen by our experienced staff with fun, excitement and safety in mind.


Below is a rundown of our Kayaks for the 2014 Season all manufactured by Islander Kayaks.



The 2014 Hula

The Hula's compact size makes it ideal for children and small adults who would otherwise struggle to manouver a larger boat.

Due to its flat hulled design and channels running its length it combines straight line ability with stability, or, with a bit of power get the channels to let go and it'll spin nicely.






The 2014 Calypso

We chose the stripped down and serious Calypso for our adult Kayak as it combined everything we wanted. Capable in all terrains the keeled hull and narrowed bow provides stability and straight line speed whilst the flat mid section provides balance and the ease to turn when its needed. Good for a relaxed paddle around the lake and good for racing your children. Calm or excited - always fun!






The 2014 Paradise II Tandem

Able to seat two adults and a small child between them or, due to a clever design, just as usable by two children. This Kayak is perfect for taking a young child on the water for the first time or to encorage youngsters to work together. Offering the same performance features as the Calypso and still stable enough to stand up in this Kayak had to make it into our fleet.

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